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amazing woman.

Twelve is a place where female sexuality is honoured, celebrated and explored. 

I am absolutely delighted to invite you to 12 - The Experience, an 10 week online course, where we will celebrate, share, discover and connect to the magnificence of our sexuality. Running from 26th Jan to 30th March 2022. 

Don't miss out! Find out more here

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"I could no longer ignore the gnawing feeling that I had barely begun to experience the kind of pleasure my body is capable of."

Hello! I am the creator of 12. I am here to support you as you reconnect with your sexual self. For too long women have operated in a culture that does not consider our happiness or pleasure important or necessary. I am here to change that. 

Women's sexuality is incredibly powerful, unlock it and you will find a renewed sense of energy, creativity and self-love. Our sexual health is innately linked to our emotional wellbeing. 

My relationship with my sexuality dwindled to almost nothing after the birth of my first child - now 7 - when I was 35 years old.  My sex life hadn't been particularly adventurous or ground-breaking but I always enjoyed my relationship with sex and sex for me was simply free fun!

As time passed, I could no longer ignore the gnawing feeling that I had barely begun to experience the kind of pleasure my body was capable of and I felt that I was losing ground rather than gaining it. Connecting with my erotic self became a matter of urgency. 

I have independently studied psychology my whole adult life; the more I learnt about the connection between the treatment of the vulva and women's ability to relax, create, explore, lead and excel the more fascinated I became. This was the catalyst for my move from being a professional fundraiser for UK and global charities to studying female sexual pleasure full-time.  

In February 2020 I launched
12 - Honouring Female Sexuality a podcast series exploring the twelve different ways a woman is apparently able to orgasm. And I started a conversation with women about their relationship with their sexual selves. Wow! I have learnt and continue to learn. This work is an honour and privilege.
Once the podcast was finished I did a TEDx talk and a series of small talks with question and answer sessions. Within minutes of opening up into a group discussion over Zoom women were sharing questions and experiences that they had been holding onto for years. I realised that we need to come together to talk about our sexuality. 
12 - The Experience was born.   

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