12 The Experience

16th February to 4th May 2021

I am absolutely thrilled to invite you to 12- The Experience, a 12 week online course for 12 women, where you will learn about, celebrate, share, discover and connect to the magnificence of your sexuality.

It’s no secret that most of are disconnected from our sexual selves, none more so than me who at the age of 42 found myself in sexual Siberia after the birth of my two children.  This acknowledgement led me on a wonderful orgasm adventure and the creation of the podcast- 12.  

The success of the podcast and subsequent feedback from wonderful women encouraged me to create this course so that I can share this deeply personal, and powerful work with women in a safe, supportive and loving environment.

Together with  my team we will be guiding and supporting you though what is going to be a radical journey of self love, transformation and sexual awakening.

Who is this course for? 

The course is for you if you feel drawn to it; whether you have never connected to your sexual self before, find yourself disconnected for any number of reasons or are simply keen to learn more.

Our time together will be fun, interactive, gentle, shame-free and supportive. We will pledge complete confidentiality to one another and will work to a code of kindness, generosity and love; love of each other and of ourselves. We will celebrate all achievements no matter how small.

Towards the end of our time together we will focus on relating our sexual selves to others by providing you with more self-knowledge; whether it be within a long-term partnership, new relationship or as a future possibility. This content has been designed to meet you where you find yourself. Maximum number on the course is 12. 

What is the commitment?

2.5 hours a week for 12 weeks. Plus 2 x 30mins one-to-one time with a team member of choice. And completion of a simple online questionnaire before starting so we can get to know you a little. 


Each week your time will be allocated as follows: 

  • 1 hour of solo work 

  • 1 hour Zoom guided discussion with us all

  • One 20/30min check-in call with your buddy

Your wellbeing 

Our sexuality is a highly-complex and sometimes fraught subject matter. With 35% of women worldwide having experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence, it is not surprising (Source; World Bank 'Gender Based Violence' Sept 2019). 


That is why 12 the experience includes access to a sex coach, tantric healer and signposting to a trusted trauma therapist. All will be available to you at a any time. If you think you are ready for this experience but have any questions or would like to talk about it further do not hesitate to get in touch so we can arrange a chat - sarah@twelve4pleasure.com 

What is included?

Main Features

  • 12 hours of guided group discussion and personal exploration with a team of experts

  • 12 x educational videos

  • 12 x worksheets creating a reference of your experience  

  • Detailed reference guide

  • 3 x questionnaires created by leading thinkers in the field of sexuality designed to help you understand more about your sexual self

  • 12 - honouring female sexuality podcast to accompany the course with the opportunity to ask the creator follow up questions

  • 2 x 30min one-on-one time with a member of the team

  • 4 to 6 hours of support from your buddy

  • Dedicated community Facebook page where group discussions will be saved for a limited period, people can access all the listed materials, ask questions and share

Bonus Content  

  • Guide to communicating about sex with a partner

  • Beginner's guide to tantra

  • Help identifying the right therapist, coach or healer if you desire to take your journey deeper

  • Group check-in six weeks after the course has completed

  • Gift to celebrate when you complete the course

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"When a woman gets turned on, she tunes into her own magnificence, into her sense of deserving all that is wonderful in this life. She becomes radiant [.....]. An innately feminine wisdom begins to emerge, allowing her to trust herself, her voice, and her experience." Pussy A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer

12 The Experience - week by week

16th February to 4th May 2021

2.5hrs a week


Week 1 - Welcome - 16/02

Meeting the team

Getting to know one another

Holding the space together; what does it mean and our commitment to each other

Building trust amongst the group. Creating a safe and supportive environment. 


Week 2 & 3 - Stories - 23/02 & 02/03

What stories are we being told and are we telling ourselves about female sexuality? 

Spend time looking at our history and popular culture

Explore topics such as body image and  the orgasm gap 

Focusing on our relationship with our sexual selves on an emotional level. 

Yoga Practice

Week 4 & 5 - Our bodies - 09/03 & 16/03

What do we actually know about our own bodies? 

Study our anatomy and the physiological response the female body has to sexual pleasure.

Explore the link between sexual pleasure and mental health

Working with the way we relate to our sexual self on an intellectual level.


Week 5 & 6 - Self - 23/03 & 30/03

Getting to know our own bodies 

Support with exploring our own bodies privately. Sharing what we found and what we learnt. 

Focus on self-pleasure; learning about why it is important and what it teaches us about ourselves.

Normalising, spending time with and honouring our bodies.


Weeks 8 to 11 - The Twelve - 6, 13, 20, 27/04

The House of Pleasure - the 12 different orgasms; a practical guide and exploration. 

Each week we will learn about 3 ways to orgasms and pick one to focus on. Creating a broader understanding of what the female body is capable and relating that to our own desires. 


Week 12 - The Spiritual - 04/05

Could the vulva be a powerful guide and source of wisdom for us?  

Time for reflection; to include our commitments to ourselves, each other and the women in our lives. 

Closing ceremony. 

Group Zooms will take place **EVERY TUESDAY AT 8.30PM GMT** - clear your calendar!

What to expect

Solo work

Each week you will be sent a set of resources to spend time with; videos, articles, extracts from leading thinkers, as well as some questions to get you reflecting on how you relate to the week’s topic. Then, as time progresses the solo work will include practical steps, e.g. look at your vulva in the mirror, explore self-pleasure and ultimately choose new orgasms to try. 


Zoom guided discussions

This is where a lot of the learning and magic will take place. Week 1 will set the foundations for a strong connection and trust between us. So that we can freely, safely and confidently explore topics that resonate from each week’s solo work. Sharing our experiences, perspectives, feelings and intentions. It might not always be easy but when we come up against obstacles, resistance and fear we will all be there to support one another. We will grow together. See ‘Zoom Style’ section below to decide whether our use of Zoom will work for you. 


One-to-one sessions

There will also be 2 x 30mins sessions with one of the team for you to use at any time throughout the 12 weeks. This is your time to use as you need. You may want to dig more deeply into a specific topic, get clarity on something, raise concerns, insights, breakthroughs that you do not want to share with the group. Book your slot using a simple online booking system. 


Buddying session

You will be partnered with another woman from the group who you will check-in with each week. Your buddy will do the important job of listening to you without judgement. This check-in will take the form of a 20/30min call. You will be provided with a format for this time together. 

Zoom Style

The weekly Zoom discussions will be key to our learning, as will the trust we build with one another. Please join using your video and be ready to share. Call from a space where you will not be interrupted. Duvets, tea, wine, snacks, candles, pets, onesies etc. welcome.

Each Zoom session will open and close in the same way; providing a rhythm for our time together and ensuring everyone gets the chance to share.

Financial Commitment

£449.00 per person

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