"This is the podcast you have been waiting for. This is the perfect starting point to the conversations we need to be having. I suddenly feel less alone, thank you Sarah. J_DH

12 - honouring female sexuality is a podcast series

honouring female sexuality, through exploring the twelve different ways a woman can apparently orgasm. 

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Each episode explores an orgasm, from the g-spot to the blended orgasm, the cervix to the mind. The series delves into the elements that come into play when women have sex; the psychological, the historical, the biological, the sociological and cultural. 

As well as insights into what happened when my partner and I tried to find the orgasm. 12 is packed full of honestly, vulnerability as well as practical advice. 

12 touches on a wide variety of topics ranging from uncomfortable bras and internal dialogue during oral sex, to female genital mutilation, white western feminism and the vaginal pulse. 




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