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"When a woman gets turned on, she tunes into her own magnificence, into her sense of deserving all that is wonderful in this life. She becomes innately feminine wisdom begins to emerge, allowing her to trust herself, her voice, and her experience."
- Regena Thomashauer, Pussy: A Reclamation

12 - The Experience Q&As


How will my time be allocated each week? 

Solo work - 1 hour 

Each week you will be sent a set of resources to spend time with; videos, articles, extracts from leading thinkers, as well as some questions to get you reflecting on how you relate to the week’s topic. Then, as time progresses the solo work will include practical steps, e.g. look at your vulva in the mirror, explore self-pleasure. 

Zoom guided discussions - 1 hour

This is where a lot of the learning and magic will take place. Week 1 will set the foundations for a strong connection and trust between us. So that we can freely, safely and confidently explore topics that resonate from each week’s solo work. Sharing our experiences, perspectives, feelings and intentions. It might not always be easy but when we come up against obstacles, resistance and fear we will all be there to support one another. We will grow together. See ‘How will zoom calls work?’ below to decide whether our use of Zoom will work for you. 


Buddying session - 20/30 mins

You will be partnered with another woman from the group who you will check-in with each week. Your buddy will do the important job of listening to you without judgement. This check-in will take the form of a 20/30min call. You will be provided with a format for this time together. 

How will the zoom calls work? 

The weekly Zoom discussions will be key to our learning, as will the trust we build with one another. Please join using your video and be ready to share. Call from a space where you will not be interrupted. Duvets, tea, wine, snacks, candles, pets, onesies etc. welcome. 

Each Zoom session will open and close in the same way; providing a rhythm for our time together and ensuring everyone gets the chance to share.  

What exactly is included? 

Main Features

  • 10 hours of guided group discussion and personal exploration

  • 10+ educational videos

  • Supporting resources including videos, articles and illustrations drawing from the world of art, science, academia and social media 

  • Reading List

  • Questionnaires created by leading thinkers in the field of sexuality designed to help you understand more about your sexual self 

  • 12 - honouring female sexuality podcast to accompany the course with the opportunity to ask the creator follow up questions 

  • 4 to 6 hours of support from your buddy

  • Access to membership only online community; a place to exchange ideas, articles etc, ask questions and build on each other's experience


Bonus Content  

  • Guide to communicating about sex with partner(s)

  • Beginner's guide to tantra 

  • Discounts on self-pleasure goodies

  • Surprise guest/s

  • Help identifying the right therapist, coach or healer if you desire to take your journey deeper 

  • Group check-in six weeks after the course has completed

  • Gift to celebrate when you complete the course

Can I spend this money on myself right now?

Yes, by investing in yourself and your sexuality, you will improve your wellbeing, relationship with those around you and your energy - so that time and money will come back to you manifold! 

Do you offer flexible payment plans?

Yes! If you are concerned about the cost of the course but really keen to join, please send me an email


Wed, 26th Jan to 30th Mar
- weekly Zoom group calls 8.30pm to 9.30pm (GMT)


Email NOW to secure your space!

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